Become the Hero of Your Own Life

Never Stop Chasing Light. Relentlessly push through any and all barriers… the toughest of which may be rooted in your past.

Embrace your life. Here. Now. In this very moment. Define life on YOUR terms. Trust yourself. Trust the light that shines within you, and never accept anything less than what you truly deserve.



(photo by Nate Camfiord – all rights reserved)

Story Telling

Life has been really good lately. Simple and quiet. I’ve been fortunate to have had some truly incredible people enter my life over the last month, which is a new thing for this self-confessed “lone wolf”. A trial run of a new medication for my Dystonia is going really well so far, which is a blessing on steroids! Happy that summer is here and am REALLY looking forward to weekends at the downtown farmers market!

Good things happening. I hope good things are happening for you as well.

Here’s a few pics from “The Fireman’s Story”

Take care and be safe,








(photos by Nate Camfiord – rights reserved)

These days.

These days are all about keeping things simple. Breathe in and out… Move forward with bravery and a trust in something greater. We expect so much from ourselves, present company included. Success in life, success in our careers, success in finances, success in marriage, success in raising the worlds most well-balanced nuclear children ever to roam the earth just to impress the status quo…

But what do I know? I’m human, just as you are… flaws to the tenth degree and counting.

But I’m trying. Putting my shoulder into this thing called life… I’m just as lost as most are scared to admit. But I do believe that the marrow of my heart is understood by some grand orchestrator hovering beyond the moonlight… Inspiring the sun to rise each morning and grant us all anew… new chances… new love… new lenses.

Forever Chasing Light.

Life is a process not an event.

Rock on peeps.

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(photo by Nate Camfiord – all rights reserved)


I live in a mid-sized city in southwestern, Virginia. Life is simple here. People go the speed limit – not because law enforcement has an iron grip on lead-footers, but because there simply isn’t a need to go fast. You’ll get there… Enjoy the ride.

99.9% of all people here will wave a “thank you” if you help them out in traffic. Women at the corner market will call you “sugar booger”, and not feel (from a feminist standpoint) offended when you say “how ya doin’, hun?”.

How I got here is a story for another day. What I will say is that my guardian angel was on his “A Game” at that time…

Bailey and I live in a small apartment in a neighborhood just down the block from a village filled with independent businesses of all varieties: A Theater, restaurants, hardware store, Co-Op, used bookstore, etc, etc.

I could go on. Today I am celebrating finding an IBM Typewriter (my favorite machine to write with) in PERFECT Condition at the Salvation Army Thrift Store for $9.00. It is seated on a small table handed down from my pop-pop (RIP) who lived in Brooklyn, NY. Bailey keeps trying to eat the paper when I am writing, a minor speed bump I’m more than willing to tolerate.

Simple life… simple joys… tiny victories = happiness

Hope everyone is well out there ❤


5 Years Capturing Fairfax…

Not much to say, folks. I’ve been in a quiet and reflective place for the last few days… History reminding me of its significance to the moment. Processing that I guess…

On another note I am still left wondering what to do with the (over) 30,000 photos I have taken of events, incidents, apparatus and people of Fairfax County Fire and Rescue since 2008. Most have never been seen or published. Any suggestions welcomed.

It’s been an honor.

Have a great weekend. Be Safe.



(Photo by Nate Camfiord – all rights reserved)